Colour is uniquely evocative, communicating emotions or aspects of your character. There is unquestionably a psychology of colour.

This was used to great effect in the movie “The Shape of Water”, which almost exclusively used a green palette throughout to convey a sense of progress and open mindedness. All characters and locations which embraced these qualities were depicted almost entirely in shades of green.

Effective use of colour is an art form.

Not surprisingly, this concept also applies to jewellery. Here is a great illustration of how varying colour can transform the appearance of the same ring.

Undeniably emotive, the colour red is inextricably associated with love; blue channels tranquility and truth, and green is historically linked to nature and peace.

Effective use of colour is not confined to stones. Simply changing the colour of gold can alter how a piece appears:

The bold use of colour says something about you, and how you use it is one aspect of your unique language of jewellery. Which colours speak to you and of you?

If you would like to discuss how colour can be used to personalise jewellery, please get in touch.