Irrespective of whether your jewellery collection is modest or extensive, your treasured items deserve a safe and secure home to safeguard them against loss or damage.

Well crafted jewellery boxes feature cleverly-designed multiple compartments to separate pieces, ring rolls and necklace hooks for space-efficient storage.

They are a “must-have” for any lover of fine jewellery or an on the move globetrotter.

Compact travel jewellery cases can store a surprising number of pieces whilst you’re on the go, and can be stored easily and discretely in a handbag.

Jacqui Larsson Fine Jewellery is a proud supplier of the luxury handcrafted range from Wolf, which includes boxes in embroidered velvet and leather, in a wide variety of colours and sizes.

Not just practical, they are beautiful.

All cases are lined with their famous LusterLoc™ fabric, which prevents jewellery from tarnishing for up to 35 years!

Jewellery is a language that expresses your character and your personality – make sure your jewellery box does the same.

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