Receiving jewellery, often as a gift to celebrate key personal occasions, is a pleasure. Few things speak the language of love like jewellery. However, to be restricted to only acquiring jewellery by way of a gift is limiting and outdated. It is time to re-define our mindset.

I have long advocated women self purchasing jewellery. Jewellery is a language which communicates aspects of our personality, so it should speak of YOU. We buy our own clothes, handbags and shoes, so why should jewellery be any different? I am not suggesting that there is no place for giving and receiving jewellery as a gift- these are often moments that illicit enormous emotion and treasured memories. We just shouldn’t be confined to it.

If you would like to explore buying diamond jewellery but feel a little daunted, refer to the blog “Not all Cs are created equal” which discusses how essential the quality of cut is in dictating the vibrancy of diamonds. It explains and de-mystifies some of the key terms and characteristics that you should be aware of.

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