One of the strongest trends in jewellery for some time has been statement jewellery for ears. This has included bold departures from conventional earrings. In particular, multiple piercings have become prolific, and this has inevitably led to a change in how and where earrings are worn.

This has evolved to “curating” ears with a variety of non matching earrings, sometimes in varying colours of gold, which can be chic and funky and translates easily into both corporate and social settings.

If you like the look, but don’t fancy committing to several piercings, there are options, like this ear cuff which gives the illusion of having a piercing by positioning it towards the outer cartilage of the ear- with no piercing required. 

Diamond Set Rose Gold Ear Cuff

Alternatively, this diamond double hoop earring set in white gold only requires a single piercing, but gives the impression of a double piercing.

Diamond Set White Gold Double Hoop Earring

Non matching earrings are particularly fun. You can achieve this look by sourcing earrings already paired with a common theme, like the “Kiss Me Hug Me” earrings featured below, or share two pairs of earrings with a friend- and swap one of each.

Diamond Set “Kiss Me Hug Me” Earrings in Yellow Gold

Ear crawlers create maximum impact with minimum effort. This eye catching organic design makes full use of the shape of the ear lobe to draw attention and accentuate form.

Diamond Fern Ear Crawler set in Yellow Gold