Cocktail rings emerged during the hedonistic prohibition era 1920s, when speakeasy drinking dens became a magnet for socialising and illicit drinking. Cocktail rings are inextricably linked to a sense of fun. 

Although the Art Deco period is generally associated with streamlined design, the dress code was decadent and glamorous, and the jewellery was designed to match. The bigger the better, and the more colourful the ring, the more colourful the character. They are meant to be noticed. This is statement jewellery at its best.

Given the abundance of sublime and striking semi-precious stones, with a little imagination, it is possible to create show stopping numbers without busting your bank balance.

Nowadays, cocktail rings are generally considered occasional wear, and that does them a dis-service. A bold ring makes a bold statement- they are meant to attract attention. So they can be just as effective with jeans and a white linen shirt, a little black dress, or an evening gown. It just comes down to attitude, which they have in spades. These should be loved and worn day and night.